Summer Checkup Service

Beautiful lawns are a sight for sore eyes. The green bushes and grass under the deep blue sky are certainly mesmerizing and a great view especially early in the morning. However, just as they are beautiful, they are quite difficult to keep. Managing your lawn's needs can be hectic with landscaping and checking for plant growths as well as removing weeds.

A small relief can be installing irrigation systems. These irrigation systems will keep the lawn well soaked according to the drainage, humidity and other condition. In other words, cutting you a lot of slack. Long Island lawn sprinklers have been in this business for over 25 years and provide quality irrigation systems at an affordable price. The irrigation pipe and irrigation system are very easy to maintain, as well.

Why do you need a Summer Check-up Service?

With the changing seasons, as your needs change, so does your lawn's. To ensure, your the irrigation system fully meets the demands of your lawn; we need to do a Summer Check-up. It requires some minute adjustments that will help it cope with the new temperatures, humidity levels, and rainfall. This will guarantee that your lawn is well maintained throughout the year with changing seasons and weather.

Process of Summer Checkup Service

Our summer Check-up is simple. All you need to do is dial us up, and we'll be at your service. At the start of the summer, when the weather is starting to get warmer, we can visit and check out the sprinkler heads. After that, we will carefully inspect the frequencies and irrigation water time to readjust it for summers.

We will cover thoroughly checking the main pipes and any leaks in the manifolds during this time as well. So, in a single check-up, we will adjust the whole system for the warm weather.

Importance of Summer Checkup

Long Island knows how important it is to keep your irrigation system in line with the weather and place. According to the temperature, soil type and other factors, the irrigation levels must be maintained. In case you live in an extremely hot area or an area with atleast mild warm weather in summers, you need a summer check-up.

If you do not adjust your pipes and system on time, it is most likely that your lawn will either get waterlogged due to too much water or run dry due to too less. With seasons, the temperatures and precipitation levels change, and water must be adjusted accordingly.


After 25 successful years in the Industry, Long Island strives to provide its customers with the best. Our top priority is customer satisfaction, and with a thorough summer check-up service, your lawn will be ready to face the season ahead, looking as beautiful as ever.