New Installations

A designer will meet with you at your home and discuss the watering requirements for your landscape. Long Island Lawn Sprinklers's team has an extensive knowledge in water and plant relationships, environmental factors, such as shady and sunny areas, poor drainage areas and are Certified Irrigation Designers by the National Irrigation Association. A thorough evaluation of not only the landscaping, but the water pressure, water volume and electrical sources will be tested and noted for proper design and layout.

Throughout the years Long Island Lawn Sprinklers has developed a unique installation technique, utilizing a wide variety of installation procedures based on each individual home. With state of the art pipe-laying equipment most homes can be installed in just one day without almost any sign of lawn disruption. Crossing underneath existing sidewalks and driveways are a breeze using boring equipment and air-powered punches to install the piping without cutting or breaking. For more delicate areas such as flowers beds and vegetable gardens, Long Island Lawn Sprinklers takes great care by hand-trenching the areas to preserve the integrity of the existing root structure and plant material. Long Island Lawn Sprinklers provides all necessary applications and permits required by your local water authority. Long Island Lawn Sprinklers offers annual maintenance visits to keep your system working at peak performance and maximizing water efficiency.

Properly installed irrigation systems, are not a frivolous luxury, but an important time saving device that helps homeowners maintain and increase the value of their most important personal asset, their home.

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Maintenance / Services

Long Island Lawn Sprinklers offers a wide variety of services for new installations and for homeowners with existing lawn sprinkler systems. Annual maintenance is required to protect from freeze damage, plant growth, water efficiency and to extend the overall life of a system.

Spring Start-up:

In the spring, we properly open up all water and electrical sources. This includes slowly reenergizing lines and performing necessary adjustments to sprinkler heads and control timer settings. We offer a complete system review ensuring that all components are functioning properly. Our 30pt inspection checklist will ensure we leave no stone unturned and a thorough evaluation will be performed.

Summer Inspections:

As the seasons change, adjusting the watering time and frequencies for the changes in weather is needed. A summer inspection will allow us to make these changes as well as adjustments to sprinkler heads for plant growth and landscape changes. Inspection of all main lines and manifolds for leaks shall be conducted at this time also. This will ensure proper operation of your irrigatin system to keep your landscape healthy.


The winter elements can cause extensive damage to your sprinkler system if not winterized properly. Winterizing your irrigation system is the safest way to protect your investment. This service includes properly closing all water and electrical sources and using a properly sized air compressor to purge all water out of the system. After this service is complete, we guarantee your system to have no underground freeze damage.

New York State Backflow Tests:

These are annually required tests required by your local water company to ensure that the backflow preventer device is preventing any irrigation water from back siphoning into the domestic drinking water. Our company is New York State licensed and we provide all necessary applications and permits to file with the water district. The testing process generally takes about an one hour.


Whether your landscaping has changed or if your lawn sprinkler system was not properly installed, Long Island Lawn Sprinklers will provide a detailed recommendation to improve the existing systems layout and efficiency. Call now for a FREE evaluation. Or click here to schedule a free estimate.


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