Spring Startup Service

When the snow begins to melt, then you know it’s time to start watering your lawn once again. Many people run to switch on the sprinkler and may end up causing damage to the sprinkler system. It is vital that the necessary procedures are followed to ensure that the sprinkler system is working perfectly. Long Island Lawn Sprinklers is always available to help you with your spring sprinkler start-up to ensure that your system is prepped for the spring and will not malfunction halfway through the season.

The best time to carry out a spring start-up depends on the weather and changes from one year to the next. However, most of the time, March-May is the ideal time to activate your irrigation system. If you want your garden, lawn, terrace and backyard to look amazing for the coming summer days, then Long Island Lawn Sprinklers is available to make that wish come true. Our services are fast and quite affordable, and our experienced team will get your sprinkler system up and running for spring without posing unnecessary damage to your pipes.

Our Meticulous Checklist

When you hire us to provide Spring start-up services, you can rest assured that we are meticulous in getting your irrigation system ready for the next system. There is a proven and effective process which we follow thoroughly with every spring start-up service we provide, and it goes beyond simply turning on the sprinklers. This is what differentiates us from the handyman or doing it yourself; irrigation experts carry out the steps listed below.

  • We start by checking and resealing drain valves and plugs where necessary.
  • Next, we pressurize water supply lines and water mains slowly by carefully opening the valves.
  • We perform a holistic inspection of the irrigation system’s main valves, backflow devices and also the valve manifold.
  • Next, we activate and energize each one of the systems.
  • We prepare each zone and carry out a comprehensive inspection of al lateral supply lines.
  • We also inspect all the sprinkler heads, emitters, drip irrigation lines and risers for the ideal direction and working order. We also examine the pressure and coverage to ensure it is working adequately.
  • We observe any clogged nozzles and identify any leak found within the lines.
  • We check the irrigation sprinkler for needed adjustments to the correct height and placement due to poor installation or changes and growth in trees, shrubs, flowers and other landscaping due to previous season.
  • Automatic rain sensors, isolation shut off valves and control valves are inspected and adjusted as required.
  • System evaluation is carried out, and recommendations for repair and replacements are made based on results.
  • Reprogramming of the control timer is carried out based on recommended settings or the owner’s preference.

It is evident that our team is quite thorough is ensuring that your irrigation system is in the best condition and the ideal working order to ensure your grass stays green and beautiful all spring.

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